Thursday, February 25, 2010


Unfortunately, after a long long long time waiting this compilation is FINALLY OUT. We know we were the first to post something about it-but actually we were the first to describe how great this compilation is. From an unnamed source, we got an advance Guitar Fuzz Bananas CD that came with the short film. That was such a great experience that I decided to create this blog about compilations, which lead to talk about the Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas. After two weeks, I kept listening-because you know, sometimes time passes and the amazing experience wears off. Shock. IT STILL SOUNDS GREAT. I have checked myself all over the net to see if I could get more pictures to make the site a little more interesting , so that people could see more. Well, Stones Throw put some great photos on their site that we're posting here for you. And also the store--Tropicalia in Furs--started selling the record on eBay first, before anyone else-and their copies came with special stickers on the back from the store, and the record with the special inverse cover--how crazy is that?!?!?!

Dude I got my copy-yeah dude, three. One to listen. One to show off sealed. And one, sure, to put away for my future grandson to open. This compilation is timeless. And I knew it from the start. I had no doubts before, and now I'm completely sure.

The reason why I'm here today is to keep this going, because I just found out that this site has had a lot of visitors, and people have been emailing me asking for more information, so I got some answers.

FIRST QUESTION: which label was this record released through? Well, after doing some research I found out that this record was released through Tropicalia in Furs (the record shop in the East Village of downtown Manhattan, owned by Brazilian native Joel Stones). Together with World Psychedelic Funk Classics doing the distribution. And sure, after you read the booklet, you'll figure out the bomb news: Egon from Stones Throw had his fingers in it!!!
Well, You put this all together in the pot and you've got what you've been waiting for: a great comp that makes people question all the other comps out there. Lately, I've been tired of all these comps out now, and this one really hit the spot.

The different covers. What's the deal with the difference between the regular and the limited edition??? Well, that one really took me a while to figure out, because it turned out that even the people from the packing factory didn't know what they were doing because first, it was supposed to come with 1,000 limited edition pressing with 3D glasses. But then, when I went to buy my copies, I found out that the regular edition came with the 3D glasses too! And that really confused me, because the psychedelic cover doesn't have a tracklisting on it. I didn't understand. I was so fed up, that I called Tropicalia again, I called Stones Throw, I called anyone who would answer the phone, and finally I got down to business. As it turns out, there were more than 1,000 3D glasses manufactured. So the factory packed the extra glasses together with the regular cover. But the good news is this: the 3D glasses just ran out!! And now what, bananaheads? Did you get yours? I'm excited now, because I got all of them--3 copies of the limited edition, plus a regular cover with the rare 3D glasses! Top that James Cameron!!

THIRD QUESTION: Who is Artur Ratton? Well, I did some googling, like I usually do. And I found some cool shit about this fellow. For instance, he has a radio show on the internet that's really cool. I still think he's pretty deep. But then, while I was searching for him, guess what I found? "What Are Fuzz Bananas?"-the trailer! What fun! I'd like to put the video right here for you to watch.

Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas from madtoy on Vimeo.

The thing is, I would love to interview him, because he might know a lot about the process of this compilation, now that Joel Stones is impossible to find. He never answers the phone. I think it'd be great to talk to one of these people to process this project, because I would come with a lot of questions from this blog, and I can't answer them all! I'm just a lover of the music, I'm a digger of the finest rare music, and I like to promote the people who do this better than me, who succeeded where I failed. But that's another story. Please talk to me Artur Ratton. Contact me as soon as possible. It'd be great to find out more about your work and what you mean with the end of the movie on the CD-what do you mean by "The Search Continues"- are you gonna continue this movie??? Are you working on this right now? What's the deal?

Well, it's been a tough few weeks for me. Trying to figure out which song on this comp I like the most. Well, I finally got to the point where I decide. Each day of the week I like one song better than the other. Guess which song I like the most today? 14 Bis- "God Save the Queen." If you've listened to it, you know exactly what I'm talking about. It makes me question the Sex Pistols now, for releasing a song with the same title. What were they thinking?

Now, I've got some followers. This week alone 2 people started to follow this blog. I went to ask them: which song on this comp is the best one? Guess what? Neither of them could answer. That confirmed exactly what I was thinking. With a great compilation, it's really difficult to figure out which song is the best. In the short documentary, Egon from Stones Throw says that his favorite track is Ton and Sergio. Wow, it's true, tough to beat that. But, what do you say about Loyce E Os Gnomes then? That shit fuzzed in my head so badly, that it's hard to remove my iPod from my head now, How is it possible for someone to come up with music like that? I don't care if they're from China, Brazil, Singapore- that shit is so fuzzy! Please, what happened?

Now I'm ready to move forward. So I've got a big mission in life now. I must find every original 45 on this comp. I don't care how long this is gonna take, or how hard it's gonna be. I've already got the photos that come with the booklet inside the record- that will help me a lot. I'm starting my search for it now, eBay search, Google search, Amazon search, Facebook search, anything search. I've got a few contacts in the past weeks who might be able to deliver two singles, but eventually they're going to be expensive and really hard to find, but guess what? NOT IMPOSSIBLE. You guys might guess who I am, and you will know, when I put my hands on the first 45 of this comp. I promise I'll post a photo of myself holding this 45, so that you guys will know I've got it.

But anyway, who cares about me? The Fuzzy Pineapple is just the Fuzzy Pineapple. A person who loves music. Aren't we all Fuzzy Pineapples, I guess? The pictures I found to post here on the blog are all photos I took from websites that I've been googling for days, to make this site more fun. Once we have more of a knowledge here so that we can talk about Guitar Fuzz Bananas, we need more pictures. So if any of you have more photos that I can share, that would be great. Anything, any information on anyone we can interview.

BoMb oF tHe WEeK is this: I start my Portugese class next week, and I can't wait! If I'm gonna go deep, I've got to get it right.

until next time,

The Fuzzy Pineapple

Friday, February 5, 2010

Welcome to the official blog fan club for the most unbelievable compilation ever made on this planet!! We know that's true, because some close sources gave us a CD. We knew that it would be good, but we had no idea it would be that tasty! If you disagree, please leave a comment with your idea of the best comp out there!!

Let me introduce myself. I am The Fuzzy Pineapple. I've been collecting records for a long time. My knowledge about music is not as big as a lot of people out there but I have to say, I've got something. I love anything that is deeply good and makes me think. I even try to do some compilations myself, but that failed. But the past years, we've seen a lot of great compilations show up on the market, as the internet has made this possible. As a collector of vinyl and music itself, I need to go for the comps--some records out there are nearly impossible to find. So for a while now I've really been going for the comps and studying them as a form of art. Some of these records don't even exist anymore! So for someone to find the gold, put it together in comp form-that's interesting for me. So, what I'm really into is this: FUNK SOUL-FUNK GUITAR FUZZZZ and now I've gotta say, I'm getting crazy about bananas as this comp comes out.

I will not post the music here, because we're still trying to get a hold of Joel, and anyone associated with the comp. I feel like they don't want to talk to us. But keep checking in here for constant updates. So, we need some more help-we've heard there's a booklet out there that we're dying to read-anyone out there have a copy yet??? We've been calling the store, Tropicalia in Furs, for days now, but we've stopped because we were starting to annoy the staff. If you know anyone who works at the store and you know how we can get the vinyl or the booklet, please let us know! The only info we can give now is this--the CD comes with a 15 minute documentary called "What Are Guitar Fuzz Bananas." Dude, the music hit me badly, the documentary made me think "what the hell is this?" Directed by a guy called Artur Ratton-WHO IS ARTUR RATTON????????????? Jeeez, this guy is so deep in his ideas that it's scary. Anyone who knows him, please contact us, because we want to interview him too.

So that's it for now, but check back in every night for news. And please, help give us any info about this comp if you know. If you don't, look for it! This is the dopest comp out there!

With all respect,

The Fuzzy Pineapple